Virtually any truck, tractor, trailer, or other related type of equipment you select, may be leased or financed through Trans Lease. Just tell one of our lease representatives the type of equipment you want along with the dollar amount and the terms desired and they will help structure the right program for you.

At Trans Lease we also have a national network of vendor programs designed to give you fast, competitive, and reliable service. No matter what transportation related industry you are in, just ask for one of our lease representatives in our vendor division and they will put together a customized program for you.

We Specialize In:
  • Commercial Truck Financing
  • Commercial Trailer Financing
  • Specialty Vehicle Financing
  • Tool Truck Financing
  • and more …

Why Lease?

Leasing complements bank lines:
Leasing complements existing bank lines by keeping them open for short-term needs. Often leasing provides lower and more flexible terms than borrowing. Leasing is not meant to replace bank lines of credit, but to add a new dimension to financial planning.

Leasing extends capital:
A lease-versus-purchase cash flow analysis usually shows a lease to have lower cash outlays during the early periods of an asset's useful life and higher outlays in the later years, while a purchase reflects the reverse. With the capital freed up during those years, leasing can also represent the most economical means of acquiring the use of the asset.

You get 100% financing:
Conserve your cash for other needs. There is no need to pay cash to acquire equipment you need and want.

Terms are flexible:
Our lease representatives understand that payments and terms must be matched to your specific payment requirements and capabilities.

You choose the equipment you need:
Not just any equipment, not a compromise selection, but exactly the equipment you need to operate your business smoothly.

You get a hedge against inflation:
Leasing costs remain the same over the life of the original agreement, no matter how much prices rise.

How it works?

Equipment selection: You select the equipment from any vendor. Then Trans Lease purchases the equipment on your behalf.

Rental payments:
After the equipment is selected, your lease representative will work up a quote based on the type and intended use of the equipment.

Terms of lease:
The lease term generally runs 24-60 months, depending on the type of equipment and your credit standing.

Any warranties are passed directly on to you. All warranties come from the manufacturers of the equipment as if Trans Lease was not involved and you had paid cash for the equipment.

All maintenance, tires and repairs, except those covered by any factory warranty, are provided by you, the lessee of the equipment.

Titling & Licensing:
Trans Lease will send your title work to the appropriate county or state offices with your check for any applicable fees. You handle your licensing as always.

You carry your own insurance with an agent of your choice. Your agent will be asked to show Trans Lease as the loss payee and additional insured.

Depending on the state and type of equipment the tax may be added to your payment as a percentage of the rental payment or paid in a lump sum. Ask your lease representative for more information. All State Use, Sales, and Highway Federal Users Taxes will be handled on an individual basis if applicable.

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